Beneath The Heavens' Perfect Blue - A Portrait Of Someone I Love

Beneath the Heavens' perfect blue
My life I'd dedicate to you
Walls of happiness circle round
In Trust and Peace are comforts found.

Beneath the draiped chestnut bough
This heart betroths and I avow
I will take care of you my love
If you will be my hand in glove?

Beneath the storms of angst and pain
Constantly shall my love remain
The loyal guardian of our bliss
Our compass fixed on happiness

Bless the sophisticated grace
In the radiant smile upon your face

by Patrick Scott Hogg

Comments (3)

Pat I enjoyed reading yo poem, keep writing
' If You Will Be My Hand In Glove..' Now that just stands out from this beautiful expression of an offering of love that no woman in her right mind could turn away from.... Another keeper, so much feeling in here...~~marci.m.~~
Beautiful Patrick, simply beautiful..