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Beneath The Ocean
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Beneath The Ocean

Poem By Dee Daffodil

What lies beneath the ocean blue,
In depths of mariner's legends?
Where creatures hide in crevices,
And divers get the Bends.

Beneath those stormy seas my friend,
Who knows what you will find?
Some say there may be fish fossils,
Or creepy creatures of a kind.

Yes, down below the murky seas,
Where little plant life grows,
Untouched by rays of warm sunlight,
Where, what lives there, God only knows!

I often wonder what there is,
Beneath the water dark and cold.
Someday, someone will search those depths,
But I am not that bold! !

-A poem by Dee Daffodil (H.W 1982)

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Comments (18)

I miss the ocean but as for going into the deep I think I'll imagine along with you! Wildly imaginative poem Dee!
As if I drowned into the ocean depth reading your poem :) Very imaginative! Even if I am not that bold, too :)
And another...I love it, I love it.
I loved your poem and the description you created so well from beginning to end! i FELT as though I was there and I could feel the cold dark waters and I was SCARED of what was going to pop out next ((Smile)) Also I loved how you added humor to the end of your poem as it made me laugh and relate to your statement 'I am not that BOLD.' Keep up the good work. Shelley
If the measure of a poem is it's ability to draw the reader into its world then this must surely be a good poem. You had me down there looking about and imagining all sorts of madness. More good work. xx
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