Beneath The Stairs

Poem By Jim Yerman

I see many wonders on my morning walks but nothing quite compares
with a little plant I see each day that grows beneath the stairs.

I'm not sure if he's a little tree or if he is a flower…what kind
There are no other plants around him…but he doesn't seem to mind.

I asked him once…I said, "Little plant wouldn't you rather be
near a lake, or on a mountain top…or growing by the sea? "

He looked around and smiled saying, "This is where I've alway grown.
Underneath these stairs is the only home I've ever known.

Here I am protected from the rain and shaded from the heat of June
Somedays I dance while in the shadows…others while illuminated by the moon.

When I stop and think about it…it all seems pretty clear
to add a little beauty to this spot is why I'm growing here.

And isn't it wonderful knowing while you're out walking
you can find beauty anywhere…
even where you least expect it…like growing beneath these stairs."

And he was right, that little plant…after our little talk
I can't wait to greet him every morning for he adds a little beauty to my walk…

As I stop each day to greet him…I am totally aware
of all the beauty that would be lost If he wasn't growing there…

I've had many teachers in my life…but nothing quite compares
with the lesson I learned about beauty
from that little plant beneath the stairs

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