CAW (17 September 1980 / England)

Beneath The Willow Tree

Free me as an exotic bird you've kept too long
and is beginning to pluck its own feathers
To the vast illusion that presses humanity's shoulders
Let me soar over shapeless musings that still clutch
To seek their substance under a different shade of heaven.
As the church bell tolls its aching doom,
Stretching these wings could be the sweetest relief,
To release me from this dusk reality.
Deceptive Luna darts from responsibility
And the abyss consumes me in unthinking gulp.
For as long as this cage traces my outline.

Take that melody you employed: becoming its tyrant
As it begins to wilt at the corners
To christen me as I flee from the walls of my prison.
Let me loosen the net that dragged down at my throat
And hatch like a crocus under fulfilling sun.
Stretching these wings could be the sweetest antidote
To release me from my intoxicated Eden
I hide behind the orchestra of universal madness
And the clave washes all reason abroad
For as long as i am your disciple.

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good and and best to read, talented
'For as long as this cage traces my outline.' Thats a very beautiful image. I love the way the poem is like a mirror image of itself, very beautiful indeed.