TD ( / On Earth)

Beneath This Mask I'M Wearng A Frown

Ever wonder
What your life is like?
You say
You know
Who you are
When really
In, all honesty
You're friends
Know you best
Even better
Than you
The bum walking
Down the street
knows you better
You, we
Know nothing of ourselves
We're cowards
Deep inside
Putting up
Building up
Wearing of
Deep inside
We all cry
We fear this world
We fear ourselves
Cause we don't know
But one thing
I can say
About all life is
We're all stupid
We're all afraid
We all secretly
Cry and Cradle to
There is no happiness
One thing she
Says to me and
This much is true
No matter how
Happy we are
At least on the
'Beneath This Mask
I'm wearing a Frown

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