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IH (April 30,1989 / Virginia)


Poem By Indigo Hawkins

'Let the love of harlots be sanctified.' ~unknown woman

When you come to me, realize I behest
no edifice. Love me in a gutter
or not at all. I merely want to rest
my temple on your temple - to utter
“Hosanna” in the shared throat of a split
alley; to awake spread beneath heavens,
frank before your eyes of melted wax, lit
with a tart torridity which leavens
my body as if I were dough submerged
in a puddle of consecrated wine.
I will pour holiness as honey, splurged
on rose hips and sopping clothes: our benign
impurities to dulcify and bless -
I attest we have no sins to confess.

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Congratulations on Poem Of The Day. That being said, there is nothing funny about messing with the blood of Christ.
lovely poem about the choices we make? and then live with.
Congrats on selection as member poem of the Day.
I attest we have no sins to confess. I attest!
The true face of the society nicely explored.