Benediction & Beatitudes~

Poem By Theodora (Theo) Onken

Here's to the gentle mysteries of life
The time tested happiness of ones heart
And the reminders of the joys of ones soul
That bind us together-never-ever to part;
For our love 'tis as infinity, my beloved
An eternity of never-ending adoration and care
A perfect symmetry of blissful unity
Surely blessed by God's: 'Forever Prayer';
We are the tried and true perfection of a couple
Unchanged, by the outside forces of: 'Beware'
The darker shadow's of: 'Conspiracy's Gluttony'
Through our God-we have been made aware;
We have been blessed by divinity, my beloved
A Heaven sent message for only we two
Blessed in the Golden Years, are we, indeed
Protected from lovers of the world and the dark they do;

By, Theodora Onken

December 28,2012

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