(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Benefit Of Their Neglect

Some folks don't recognize a good thing
Even when they have it!
They will take it for granted.
Thinking it came to them easy...
So more has to be out there for the asking!
Until it becomes understood,
Their intentions to turn what is good...
Into something not so tasty!
They become deluded within themselves.
But delusions are what they are!
Based on fantasy.
And some folks have fantasized themselves,
Right out of the mix!
To secure something or someone that belongs...
It has to be appreciated.
It has to become a respected part of one's life!
When that appreciation goes?
So too a peace of mind one thought came,
And would stay at the benefit of their neglect!
Many do no get this!
And that is why 'that' which was theirs isn't there,
To be shared!
It has gone.

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