Benefits I Was Close To Giving Away

I have learned not to turn away,
From a process taking place I may dislike.
I will sit biting my lips.
Or I might close my eyes,
To pretend I'll have none of it.
With it to discover my patience delivered,
An opportunity from the experience...
Came with benefits I was close to giving away,
To someone else.
And I have done this too many times,
With it to find 'something' eventually to appreciate.

'Excuse me.'

~Yes? ~

'I noticed you nodding your head during the performance.'

~I was meditating.~

'Is it possible you can teach me how to do that? '

~Of course.
I'd be delighted.
You have interests in meditation? ~

'You have no idea,
How long I have been waiting...
For ways to appreciate these events.
Just as you have done.'

This is my business card.~

How To Tolerate The Most Boring Situations.
How you found this method successful? '

Not to brag.
But I did get your attention.
Give me a call.
I'm seeking assistants.
You'd be surprise by the clients I have,
Wanting to save their marriages.
And other kinds of relationships.~

By learning how to meditate? '

~That's part of it.
I teach how to attend events like this.~

'And I thought you were sleeping.'

~I also teach how to nod appropriately.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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