(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Benefits Intended Meant

I had been wanting you to find me.
And when you did believing it easy,
You began to take what I had to give,
For granted.
Am I suppose to forgive and forget,
How you involved others in our relationship.
With the telling to them,
From you I only wanted to GET.
When it was you who had received,
The benefits intended meant by my giving.
Are you expecting me to believe,
You are now free of doubt?
Where were you when I then had none at all?
Were you listening to others...
While they talked from both sides of their mouths?
Were you listening to others...
To now discover they played cat to your mouse.

'But I,

~Addicted to the hearing of lies?
From friends you depended on to pry?
No want or wish of mine can you satisfy.~

'But I,
Very sorry.'

~Me too.
I can't get back the time you took from me to fake,
With it wasted.
I guess there is a benefit intended for 'me' meant,
As well.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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