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Poem By Catherine R. Misenheimer

What has this world come to?
We are living as caged animals in a zoo
Pacing the floor and feeling confined
Wondering, Is it safe to go outside ?
Seclusion is not the way to hide
Do something beneficial for mankind
Why are people being so cruel?
These narcissisic performances are of a fool
Ruthless foolish acts of a cowardly soul
Filled with hard-heartedness, think they're in control
Infrequency of love and respect are so real
Kindness is what a human heart should never conceal
A transformation of kindness for this world must succeed
So the insane numbness of the cowardly will concede
Restoration of instilled morals must come to pass
If not, rational mankind will not last
We have the choice of being cruel or kind
Benevolence is what I choose to benefit and restore mankind

Copyright 2002 Catherine R. Misenheimer. All rights reserved.

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