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Benighted Reveries
ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

Benighted Reveries

Staid mind betakes
Goad by cudgel
Or beguiled by Thyrsus Staff
Effaced am I
Faeries gird thy cairn
Thus, whence I venerate
My swoon heart so timorous
I acquiesce

`Tis esbat proximo
When I shall adorn thy chaplet
Ne`er shall we speak imbibed incantations
Only words from the heart

Quoth I;

''Goeth thenceforth my love
For I am The Foundling
Whom now shall accost my doxy fair
The Pendragons seek thee not
Nor colloquial kings of temerity
Yet, I am not remiss
As they

Wert I who seeks thy Caer
In The Archipelago of the Quince
Please, becalm thy seas asketh I
Empress of The Major Arcana
Sceptor brandished
Remit my love, remit I beg

Bucolic verse or georgics
I shalt not utter
Nor melic elegy
Only this betided philtre'

Proffer I;

'To wheedle pacific matins well
Ne`er I eschew the sacred dell
Cosset to thee, I so abide
Gossamer wings of rivers pride

A dram o` mead, libation take
Comforteth thee of doleful fate
Helpeth we to nuncipate
From heath or glen enunciate'

Away from phalanx bustle
She elucidates
Hail! The Lady fair
In abtruse bournes
I rhapsodize
In scrying mirror see I a leafy quince
Be I requited..........................................in Benighted Law of Amity

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