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My wife Kit is a wonderful gal
but sometimes she thinks too much.
'Honey, that dog is ugly', she decided, one night,
staring at Benn, our pooch.
No! Benn?
'Yeah, Benn', she replied.
I was in denial.
until taking a gander
I saw what she meant.
Benn was, if not ugly...extremely homely.
By any standard, Benn was a dog-
Eyes nowhere to be seen.
tongue hung from his mouth
like the tail of a Q.
His snoring was stentorian,
his sneezing plain messy
betokening a short nasal tract.
His nose was shoved into his mug-
it begged for rhinoplasty
and more. Especially more.
So Kit said it was time to call Dr. Arbelle,
certified animal plastic surgeon-
we had his card.
I remember her saying
'I wouldn't trust Benn's snout
with anyone but Dr Arbelle'.
And why not him?
Easy hours. Major credit cards accepted.
'Yes, honey', I grunted,
beginning to miss Benn in advance,
'One of these days.'
But my wife is a very determined lady-
persisting until one day...

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