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Bennett Birth

We are all born in a house or apartment
To parents of emotional growth finance department
Through the blindness of the parents the child walks
The grandparents limitations filter his talks
Galahad was first born child Bleacher Ben in name
Living in shore haven Donald Trumps garbage can fame
His father Stanley Bleacher U.S. Assistant Attorney General Antitrust
The mother Helen screams and paranoia poverty was a must
Alexander had 800 in Chemistry SAT and 755 in Math
Only natural he pursued hardest path
The emotions were blocked love has died
He went to Cornell meeting Linda Fox worth he cried
Three years of psychoanalysis till a mystical experience
With Louise Pennyman who opened poetry dream genius
Headaches dissolved dreams restarted from eleven
He looks exactly like John Kennedy Jr. Physiognomy even.
In 41 states he made felonies killing in Illinois
Fiance Jane Cope wanted him prophet for guru choice
They said in court Ted Kennedy sent him home
Ted never had cocaine or sex someone tell him soon.

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This poem is a confession. It is not just random shit. It is real. He's a killer and a violent crazy man.