21 gun-satutes with 21 marks of blood!
But why do you hate each other?
Do you hate the Creator as well? !
Then think twice and let us all live peacefully on this earth.

What do you expect if, you put your hand into the mouth of the crocodile?
But my life is like Daniel in the lions' den;
And i am very proud to be a black man among the trees of love.

Your love to me is like the German-apple-cake,
And i have seen many things in this world already;
So why hate the people around you oh Benyamin?

21 gun-salutes with 21 marks of blood!
Live and let us all live very peacefully in this world;
For the earth is our home and we have to respect each other,
And like the sign of the rainbow across the sky.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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