My First Love

My First love, forgotten me simply!
Sweet dream! You dance in my mind
My thought bread, my pain crisply
Bloom charming flower, I am so kind.

I made a history on your mystery
Accepted the fate, made faith calm
Blithe spirit, I still love you, blistery
Ah! Soul can’t be touched by palm.

What harm to me, if no careful arm
It is not manifestation, it’s my feeling
Your petal lips and easeful hug; warm
Satisfaction to body and soul, swirling

What love, if doesn’t ease or give pain
I am not behind, whether, lose or gain

by Aftab Alam

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very long poem about a classic legendary myth..good write..
love it
Nobody's commented on this! That's sad. But I suppose if you're going to read Beowulf, you'll do it in a book...