At The Moment/.....

madness tears fear and loathing loss of thought feeling mania floating, nothings clear on a weary sunday morningssitting down alone pain is rushing danger is exciting drugs are intrusive but part of my problem why i feel sick i cant even fathom i have not a clue what i am too do my mind it wanders and gets into trouble and flusters about those feelings of sorrow on a cold winter morning i sit here to wallow in remorse of mistakes past and present only jesus forgives daily mental instability dangerous to some is power to others i feel nothing other than desolation, feeling so forbodeing, introverted from society. is it so vile to live life is resilient to essential needs for individual distress and derangement we all seek cohesion of mutual and some what reciprocal scenario's the plot thickens, euphoric theories confound judgment of wildly defiant damsels dismay distress forgotten in abadonment and aspiration someone extricate me anyone

by christopher DiDonato

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This is a wonderful baroque poem in which the writer allows himself to be romantically enthralled is a gift from heaven. Thank you so dearly Mister Marvell
He makes the Figs our mouths to meet; And throws the Melons at our feet. But Apples plants of such a price, No Tree could ever bear them twice. Great imagery. Thanks for sharing and being awarded POET OF THE DAY.
Thus sung they, in the English boat, An holy and a chearful Note, And all the way, to guide their Chime, With falling Oars they kept the time. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -maybe that is what mankind should do, row together with a goal in mind
A fantastic narrative with an equally fantastic imagery.
Such a price! Thanks for sharing.
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