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The sun set on that spring day. A woman that’s beauty rivaled the gods of Mt. Olympus. She came to meet the love of her life, the man they call Bernard “the king of the seas.” At the first glance of Bernard she ran to him she was crying tears of joy. Bernard got on one knee and said “Melisa will be my wife.””I will ever leave you again for the bounty of the sea” then Melisa choked with tears finally said yes.
The day of the wedding came and it was storming. Many talked about this being an omen. Bernard was nervous when he got to the alter and Melisa was nowhere to be found. Then there was a loud BOOM! The church was burning but not with fire you would see in a house. It was black ad purple then a demotic looking figure appeared and pointed at Bernard and said “if you want your wife to live you must join my pain in hell.” Then Melisa came out of the mist and said “Bernard don’t sacrifice your self for me it’s my fault he’s here I will finish him” then the goddess turned into to something that looked like snake with wings. And the fight begin it was clear that end the end both would die then Bernard shouted to the animal from hell “I will come with you! Just live Melisa alone. ””Then come with me fool” no you’re the fool” Melisa said coming from nowhere and biting the demonic head off. “what are you Melisa? ”” I am the keeper of hell” you can’t be “I am sorry I should of told you will you leave me” no I still love you.”

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