(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)

The Holocaust

In a cold and silent world, weeping people wait,
Hoping and praying to not face this solemn fate.

But even thought they were quiet, as quite as they could be,
They were still found in the dark ghettos, the whole Jewish family.

The cries from the little ones so confused and so afraid,
Were ignored by the wretched Nazis, who caused heartbreak in that day.

They led them on a tearful trail toward to dreaded Auschwitz place.
And treated them like guinea pigs. testing them face to face.

Not to care in the world did the Nazi leaders possess,
Toward the unfair treatment to which placed the Jews in distress.

And all these fears and terrors led up to this fatal loss,
Of all the millions of innocent Jews killed in the Holocaust.

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This a tender, heart-felt, convincing expression of mutual affection. Both the speaker and the woman he addresses have been deeply wounded by the world but in the poem they are in a sanctuary, one created by their mutual good will and strong enough to prevent - at least for the moment - the intrusion of the outside world. Your poem would make even the most cynical observer believe in the power of human warmth and comfort. But I'm not a cynic! And I felt exhilarated by these generous words.