Beside The Rainy Road

Was late and cold and wet and dark

Cold as hell I drove round the park

And far ahead my lights arrested stark

Wet was she lost and locked out the ark

And looking closer blinding pouring rain

Dark the night sore and drove with pain

All the fights we had my energy drain

The walking out my soul you strain

Images flashed of your car broke down

Too many scary faces from out of town

Stark loss I looked and felt your gown

To rush out after what we had disown

Tell my self then it's worth go save

A soul mate the wilderness to brave

Soul of gold I then saw the shave

What made you swerve out the tunnel cave

Took my life in hand to be strong

Me and arguing I know was wrong

By the roadside your wet figure long

Surprise and shock you made it along

Arno Le Roux 2014

by Arno Le Roux

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