Best Buddy

Poem By Rini Shibu

Everything messy
And you feel dizzy
Have something fizzy
Before you go crazy
When you are boozy
Your eyes are foggy
You walk around the city
Your heart is empty
Some feel pity
But there is somebody
A little bit funny
Your best buddy
Who loves you honey
Turns everything sunny
Though very busy
Still with you pretty

Comments about Best Buddy

Enchanting poem, Rini and so well rhymed! Indeed we ought to be grateful to have friends in life and especially that buddy, time or no time that buddy has always time and the reverse. Wow! This is precious, Rini, which we call love in friendship. A 10 and much much more, Rini!
You have amazingly portrayed the spirit of love and friendship in this beautiful poem that rhymes too! Excellent Rini, I enjoyed....!
love and friendship both we need in time but we need be careful of choosing both, great write, thanks for sharing the poem with us
The way of presentation is fantastic. Beautiful poem on love and friendship.
Love and friendship wipe our tears, painful life becomes a pleasure in the company of the best buddy. A nice painting of human sentiments!

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