Best Effort To Make

Avoid seeking temporary praise.
Or sought after adulation,
For your good deeds to do done.
With sweat to come from endeavors made.
Unknown sacrifices are seldom rewarded.
Or applauded with standing ovations.
Let your contributions be to the betterment,
Of a collected humanity to know...
That is your cause and motivation.

Avoid being that one wishing for attention.
Just to have and hear your name mentioned.
Overlooking to go ignored,
Details gone and left undiscovered.
Leaving behind an incomplete mission.
Be one of vision and focused intention.
With a listening undivided to comprehend,
Each task you have been given and assigned.
To understand without excuse or complaint.

What it is you offer,
Is important to God's devine design.
Does not define...
The magnitude of the entire picture.
Only God has that in 'His' mind to create.
And decides,
Whether or not your participation merits...
His approval to appreciate.
And to judge,
If your best effort others may evaluate...
Was without time to wait or waste to give.
And God should be 'The One' and 'Only'...
You need and seek to please.
Recognize those gifts you get to give.
And from where your blessings flow.
Know you can better make your best effort.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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