Best Freind

Please define for me,
o; pretty please,
a bestfreind to me.
Someones whos there till the end?
Someones whos a good freind?
Does everyone have one?
Does anyone really even need one?
Its hard to tell who has my back,
just from who has it long enough to stab it.
If i let someone in,
I have to tear down the walls and reval all my sins.
They have to swear to secretcy,
If they tell, I just might go crazy.
Whos my best freind?
I'll be by myslef in the end.
I dont have one,
Am I ok without one?

by not needed

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we all have a best friend, God is our best friend till the end, there willing to listen and share a helping hand in times of your needs and troubles...nice poem....Thanks!