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Best Friend

If hell is other people...then you are my road to heaven,
I trust you with my life and would offer mine in return,
To you my imperfections are of no consequence,
You do not speak harshly of me to others,
And you give up your time to calm my world.

by Teedy Dawn

Comments (3)

Lovely friendship you have there. Treasure it. Love the tribute you made to your read. Words of pure truth and admiration written. Lovely
Teedy, a short, but to the point piece of writing. I had a best friend like you described in this poem. Sadly he passed away just over a year ago. I've never met anyone who can come near to taking his place. (Excluding my wife of course.) Thanks for sharing it. David
not only ok.... great i am speechless.... way to go... **KoNi**