Best Friend

Usually your Dog
Is your friend until the end of it's Years
But this Dog had different Ideas
It bit the hand of it's Piers

Now dogs are normally not Nasty
he was just a little too Frisky
A hyper HDD Hound
That bit a lot we Found

We stuck a Muzzle on Him
Also gave him some Gin
He often went Berserk
Nothing seemed to Work

But fate was in Sight
And we arranged a Dog Fight
Now a dog and a crocodile is not much of a Match
But both fought hard, and neither got a Scratch

So after the fight, the Dog was not the Same
And never, never fought Again
He also went out a lot to fancy Due's
Man oh man he liked his Crocodile Shoe's

by David Darbyshire

Comments (3)

Very funny ending David, you can pull um off the rack so well Love Duncan X
Larfed my head off at the last line! Thanks for this, Dave!
You have the imagination! Patricia