LH (5.18.89 / Riverdale, Ga)

Best Friend (Song)

Verse 1:
We may be far apart
But you’re safe here in my heart
You’re my sister
You’re my twin

Because you’re my best friend,
You’re my twin!
Don’t you worry
We will be together in the end

No matter where are
I know were wishin’ on the same bright star!
No matter where we go
We will always know always know…

Verse 2:
You are my smile
You are my blood
I will surround your broken heart
With love

You are my best friend
Now and forever
We’ll be together
Now and forever


That you’re my best friend
Till’ the end
No matter the trials
No matter the miles

That seem to separate
No on can relate
Now and forever
We are twins together

Verse 3:
Don’t worry ‘bout
Cuz’ it may never come
Don’t worry ‘bout the future
Nor the rising sun

We will always
Have a home together
Your place is here
Now and forever


Because you’re my twin
You’re my best friend
We will stay together
Now and forever…

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