**best Friends**

i wish i could go back
to all those foolish years
to those times at night
that i shed all my tears
she really wasn't my friend
she really wasn't true
i know that know of course
but what i didn't know was you
so as the years got greater
i left her in my past
i looked for a new friend
one i knew would last
and when you came along
i thought it wasn't true
that i could have found
and awesome friend like you
you came along quite strangely
it happened pretty quick
when you walked into the classroom
you were the one to pick
that was second grade
i think around December
and the memories we had
were ones i will remember
and then came third grade
times were a whirl
and then all of a sudden
there came a new girl
she seemed a little shy
though all new kids are at first
but nobody picked on her
cause that always the worst
she had really short hair
she wore a gray sweatshirt
and then a thought came to me
a thought that really hurt
she wasn't shy any more
and she took a liking to you
so then i started to think
were we really true
about a year went by
and we never even talked
so in the school hallways
again, alone i walked
you never seemed to glance
you never seemed to peek
this started the first day back
and lasted about a week
and every once in a while
when you felt like it
you'd walk by and say hi
while the new girl threw a fit
but then one day
while we were outside
you said to me
'come inside'
she was there
along with you
i stared at you both and asked
what do you want me to do
you smiled back
she game me a hug
i wondered
what was going on
things got back to normal
and now we're all best friends
i swear that it will stay that way
until the very end
so you can have a friend
and she can have a friend
you can all be best friends
and don't ever let that end

by aashka thakkar

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