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Best Friends
MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)

Best Friends

Swinging on the apple tree
There were you and there was me
Like brother and sister we grew
Cowboys, indians, pirate dreams
Inseperable we were, or so it seemed

Together we climbed life's curve
Scraped our knees, muddied our clothes
Hung around for ever, best friends
Trick-or-treat, apple-bobbing sweet
We laughed, you wiped my nose

I helped you with Math
You scared away those bullies
We caught bullfrogs in the river
Drank lemonade on hazy days
Sat at the top of the world plucking grass..

Between our fingers, but soon;
Those adolescent years found us
Braces, spots, kisses and peers
Dissolved all those beautiful years
Blushes became our friends, not we two

What happened to us? My Friend
Why did the road have to end?
You moved away, I was alone
In the apple tree, windfalls below
Bruises upon their beautiful flesh

Not a day passes, when I don't wonder
How my 'brother's life unfolded
Why we never sought each other
Amongst the crowds of life
Maybe the memories are more delicious...

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Comments (6)

whoops! ! Realised I'd copied the start of a different poem on the end of this one! ! ! Sorry, this is how it should read now!
Dear Michelle, I'm spinning in the rain, and my heart is singing, your poem's to blame! Love it, thank you, David.
Memories keenly observed and recalled... atmospheric and depicted in engaging detail. t x
Beyond amazing Em, this one is a winner, as always, my friend......I guess it must have slipped 'Under The Radar ' before..~~~(avongal) xxoo
An evocative and poignant piece Michelle. Well formed and well presented.
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