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Best Friends

Best Friends


This is a true story with just a couple of modifications:

I remember my first day at school
It seemed like a day without end
Then a little girl sat on a stool
And asked if I’d be her friend

That girl and I became close
Became the best kind of friends
The summers I remember the most
Long summer hols without end

We lost touch when we were thirteen
We went our diff-erent ways
But I always somehow believed
We’d meet up again some nice day

Well I found my mate in the end
And arranged to meet at her flat
I expected to see my old friend
Small skinny girl with long plaits!

Instead she was big fat and round
With hair growing out of her chin
She weighed about 200 pounds
Had two buck teeth and a squint

She told me she suffered from gas
Along with fits of hic-cups
She told me not to light fags
In case the apartment blew up!

Tourettes was something she had
That thing where folk swear a lot
When we parted I felt very sad
Until she called me a twat!

So if you - decide to find friends
Take warning from this sad rhyme
Just let them be nice memories
Of a distant but wonderful time

copyright Victoria George

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