Best Friends For....Never

I could've fogiven all the noise of that day
If you didnt just look at me and walk away
I just wanted you to be there for me like I was there for you
but I guess holding me up as I tried to survive was too much too do

how could you say we're best friends then go and talk about me?
I would never do that to you, never do something so mean
you told them things that make wish myslef dead
your words are pounding in my head
take another puff of my ciggarete
as I close my eyes and hope to forget

I hope that I'd die and be on your mind forever
and then I'd never really have to say never
I guess the best way is just too forget a bitch like you
to move on, to smile and mean it, I'm gonna have too

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Comments (2)

i really like this poem! it's powerful. and yeah; i've been in your situation before, the easiest way is to just forget. dont get all stressed out about things you cant change; like how people can be. good luck : ]
hmm, this reminds me of my bestfriend.. who recently completely lied to me about diong something that she knows i HATE, and continues to do to this day.. huh, its a nice poem really. good job =]