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Best Friends Forever

You need to be at an event and you have nothing to wear,
And guess who'll lend you anything short of their underwear.
You've lost your job and can't seem to get off unemployment,
And guess who's leading the search for your next appointment.
Your latest relationship is over and boy were mistakes made,
And guess who's getting you sober and dragging you out of bed.
The doctors say it's hopeless and that nothing can be done,
And guess who's rushing to the hospital faster than anyone.
When it comes to friends, you may have many or just a few.
But there's no guesswork as to who's really there for you.
Your best friend may talk a lot of smack about this and that.
But your best friend is also the one who always has your back.
So next time you're feeling down on your luck, take a moment to see,
Who's standing right there next to you and who's hiding up a tree.

(c) 2014 Copyright Elena Plotkin

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beautiful poem :) I have a school friend Elena Plotkina in Moscow - you have the same name :)
gee, Elena, is there something wrong with hiding up a tree? a lovely poem, and it now goes to its rightful place in my/our May 2016 …….A Showcase For PH Poets…look for the one with May 2016 appended to it…., which can be found listed in my ‘bri edwards’ list of PH poems. what the hey! it shall also go into MyPoemList. I guess I’ve stumbled through life without the help of a ‘best friend’, but I do have a few good ones. bri :) :) i would even loan you underwear.
Excellently expressed-A towering tower of truth that speaks well to the great blessing of true friendship!
every word so true. I love it.If you have a friend that close. Value it to the end of time.Nice work