Best Not To Talk

Perhaps it’s best,
Not to talk,
Vocalise the thoughts,
That will surely wound,
Like a sharp steely dagger,
Honed to perfection,
And made ready for the kill,
By deed of pain,
And act of betrayal,

Best to sit still and quietly,
Let the anger evaporate,
To leave in its wake,
Calm, peace, serenity,
And love.

It best not to talk,
When what we say,
Is misconstrued,
And twisted,
Beyond all recognition,
The cold cool blade,
Feels no pain,
Only hunger,
And the desire,
To feast again.

Perhaps it’s best,
Not to talk,
But wait,
Until the love,
Which once bound us,
Will hold us again,
In its grasp,
And the bitterness,
Of today,
Will be but a memory,
Of the past.

by Linda Harnett

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