KXN (28th May 1986 / Nigeria)

Best Of Loving Mamas

My Mama,
a loving and caring Angel.
Accepting pains and millstone
to cause my advent herein
on earth- love so great.
My mama,
who served as Nan
in my infancy. Upholding
the rules of commitment.
Drawn to her bosom,
I was culled endearly dear.
As I took sweet sips
of Mama’s mammary,
I forgot the introductory cries
of a cruelty- packed world.
As what was like an ear
of a corn evolves, Mama watched;
keenly she exerted care.
In anger, Mama does say dear,
where ‘man’ says fie!
Is she not an Angel?
I lack symbolic words
to exalt her. No adulations
can make up of for her love.
All she demands, “Be a good man.”
Promise mama, refurbishing it
with love, I love you Mama.
A queen you are
to all loving Mamas.

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mother means every thing nice poem so lovely piece luwi