Best Of The Best

Poem By louis rams


Even the best of the best tend to fall
When they lose their faith
They lose it all.

Not many of us will see that guiding light
That sends our hearts into flight.
They say that some are born to preach
And the word of god is easy to teach.
While there are so many others who search in vain
To help relieve the inner pain.

Many think they are better than others
Yet they call us their sisters and brothers.
Which one has the furthest to fall?

This is when Isaac Newton s theory comes into play.
If they both weigh the same, and are dropped from the same height
They will both reach the ground at the same time.

That being the case - why would they think
That they are better than us?
"When in god " we all put our trust..

Whether we are the best of the best
And the cream of the crop
A base is needed to reach the top.

Comments about Best Of The Best

A good attempt.I like the use of small letter for god. Read mine - If There Be No God - Adeline

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