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Bestfriend.... (No More)

Bestfriend.... (No More)

i thought i had a friend
because uve been very good to me
you helped me
to open myself more
when i am weak
you're there to give me strenght
when i feel down
you gave me a hand
you pull me up
and hold me tightly

the 1st year
you're always there
to comfort me
to carry my pain
and i was also there for you
in return for the patience
you showed me
we laugh together
we cry together
we fight together
and build our dreams together
you are bestfriend
and it will never change

the 2nd year
we hardly get to see each other
i was there but you never noticed me
you're busy with someone else
and other important things
i was left behind
so i did the right thing
to keep myself busy too
so i wont miss you so much
but everynight before i sleep
im hoping that you would remember me
but then, i would end up crying
coz from you
i received nothing
jealous i may be?
though i dont have the right..
but still,
you are my bestfriend
and it will stay that way..
you told me
i am your bestfriend too right? ?
so, i stay..

the 3rd year..
we both find time..
but things have changed..
you didnt even remember
some of the important things we share..
then i discovered..
you never really cared..
you took my hand out of pity
coz u thought i was weak
and even if you want to leave
you're afraid
that i would break..
i was hurt..
but i understand..
from then on..
you started acting strange
calling me stupid everytime
you're not in your right mind..
when someone bugged you around
you would turn to me
and if i didnt say something right
you would leave me..
you are my bestfriend..
so i didnt mind..

but now,
after so much pain..
i dont think..
that this friendship must remain..
im sick and tired
of you blaming me
im so exhausted
of you screaming at me
i didnt do anything wrong
except to hope
that one day
ill get my bestfriend back
the way i knew you..
3 years ago..
at this point in time..
i've realized
that this will be the last time
that you will hurt and insult me..
for i will not allow you
to ruin me..
you're not a good friend..
you're not the one i used to know..
you are my bestfriend no more..

I was badly hurt
with the way you treated me
for 3 long years
all i do is to be there for you
adjusting to every moods you're into
when u dont feel right
im always at your side
and even when u leave
i waited for your return
with great patience..
i even lost some of my friends
because you told me
to let go of them
i dont need them
that what's u said
as long as i have you
i will never be alone..
i believed that
i was fooled
now all i have left
are your hurtful words
you are my bestfriend
the person i looked up to
someone i love
like the way
i love my life..

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Comments (2)

wow you really poured out into this poem. don't you wish that person actually read this? ;)
If someone lost something valuable like friendship... gush it hurts! But remember that friendship is a two way system... it can not thrive if only one works. Let it go if the time comes. If you lose someone someone, a better one will come along. Good write. worth 10!