Poem By Him Name

have you ever lost a friend
to death or suiside
i have
now imagine that they were your brother and uncle
in the same week
i did
have you ever loved your great-grandmothers
now think of how it would feel if they were striped away from you with cancer and 3 agonising mounths of pain
i've felt that
but ponder of how it would feel if your wife and unborn child all died
before you could save them
now you see only the window of my house of pain...

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wow so much pain great job 110% Unique

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rain falls sielently
as does the tears of my heart
coolness stills its beat


the razor in hand it is to my expections...
a swift slice and i fell...
finaly i feel the...thethe...PAIN
emotion so sweet so bitter yet so ecepted...

! How!

can they just play it off as if my world isnt falling off any balacne it had
can they simply not see the change from demon

A Shade Of Pink

could my loved one ever forgive me
in that sin witch i so carelessly alowed to happen
i never thought that i could be so blind not even i could have seen
but now it is over will she ever love me again or will she too shun my touch