JC (11-27-1991 / Harlan, KY)

Points And Poles

Points And Poles
By Curtis Johnson

Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth in pain, even with Novocain
Or climbing a San Francisco hill in a Chevy Chevette
Or trying to fly a kite on a none windy day

Words I say, from my heart to yours, seldom come easy
I’m certain that my brain is not on ‘lock down’ or it would
have told me so. Or maybe it did, and I simply wasn’t listening
It appears that I was born in the quiet zone, but I’m trying to get out

I wish that I was more vocal, because you are a lover of words
It bothers me greatly that my words don’t flow as freely as a river
Is there a dame holding back words I want to deliver?
Is there a blockage? Am I from Mars like some say?
Although I know the beauty and the power of the spoken word, still I struggle. But today, I clearly sense a few fitting words, coming from my heart to yours

Please forgive me when I seem cold and distant, like the North Pole
Please do not hold it against me, when I’m like the birds of Fall,
anticipating wintry weather. May it never be said of me,
that I have flown South on you

Surely, it is not the fault of one such as you, who are as reliable as the sun rising out of the Eastern sky. Never should one be blamed who is strong and sure, fearless and faithful, so kind and true, like you

O dear one, may you never cease to be this way
May it be said by me today without further delay,
'You and I, forever together, we shall stay'.

O my dear beloved wife, the point is this:
I am sorry for the times I seem far, foreign, and dry
There is no excuse for one like me, who’s such a lucky guy
For I am blessed with one as lovely as the setting sun in the Western sky


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very beautiful! ! ! ! 10+
A most powerful loving statement. The kind that really shocks. But it's the way men talk about love. GW62
In the end, I saw no heart of stone, but a loving man writing his woman.
thats a good poem you got there jo, im glad i told you to write it