It started ever so slow,
I never knew of you,
For I was a blindfish,
When you pulled me out,
From the stenches of my past.
And I saw you then,
With a glow in my eyes,
With cheeks flushing,
Missing a beat of my heart.

But somewhere along,
You abandon me in dubiety.
I burned, I sundered,
I lost that glow.
Wanting to brace myself up,
And finding no room for blues,
I fought with myself,
Resurrecting my inner.

I stand before you now,
Like I’ve never known you,
It hurts me to do that,
Yet, I do it for me.
Waging wars with solitude,
I create my own world,
Which I couldn’t quite fathom.

Estranged I walk,
Not knowing whom to trust,
And bring into my shell.
I hold my peace,
Until I hope for your glance,
Which never falls upon me.

You teach me love,
You give me strength,
Well, here I am,
Strong as ever,
Weakened by you, if ever.

There ain’t no sunshine,
And no moonlit skies,
As you walk away,
Deserting the boulevard of my dreams.

But if you ever step back,
And look into my eyes,
I’m not sure of me being there.

Sad as it may seem,
But slowly it sinks in,

That I was the one.

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Comments (2)

excellent monologue Akhila...though the central theme is gloom the words there and your presentation style, brighten up your write...thanks...10
very well said...this poem expresses the reality of this fake world...