MM (6/3/95 / Anonymous)


There is this boy I know
Who is my whole entire world.
I am truly lucky
To be his own very special girl.

He doesn't know how much
He means to me;
More than the sky,
More than the sea,
More than the air,
We so ungratefully breathe.
He doesn't know
When he's not there,
The life around me
Becomes completely bare.
Everything else just turns to gray.
No wonder every day is just okay.

Now yet another comes along,
Why must everything always go wrong?
Every day it seems I fight,
For me to be what he thinks at night.
Another girl to take him from me.
There is no way that could possibly be.
I love him more than anyone else ever could.
Who would get in the way of that?
She would...

Our anniversary passed,
With nothing good to last.
I knew she liked you,
But did you know, too?

She kept on flirting,
Inside I was hurting,
Because I knew it must be true.
She really, truly likes you.

I wish she wouldn't care
Not even notice you're there.
Because now I know
I cannot ever let you go.

I've always trusted you
That everything you said was true
Just not her, wouldn't even try.
Has everything she said been a lie?

I knew it all along.
Did I ever do anything wrong?
I know she's your friend
But anything else needs to end.

Just a friend to you,
And that may be true,
But to her something more.
Please let her walk out the door.

I tried to be nice,
Say you could be friends,
For her, that would not suffice.
So now, I want it to end.

It's gone way too far
To go on any longer.
If you stay with her,
Your relationship will just get stronger.

Just let her go!
Do you want her or me?
If you say her
Then let me be.

If you say me
Then let her fall!
Don't care anymore.
I was right, after all.

I should be mad at you
Because you led her on,
Is it possible you could be true?
If not, before long I'll be gone.

Is it too good to be true?
Could you really be mine?
I guess not, though,
Because this is the second time.

Why do you do this to me?
Why do you even care?
Why did you pretend,
You would always be there?

You were my friend.
I trusted you.
I thought you were different.
I thought you were true.

I guess I was mistaken.
I guess I was wrong.
Last thing I have to say,
Is I knew all along.

You liked him,
You used me,
To get even closer,
How stupid could you be?

There'll be no apologies,
Or 'Wait that isn't fair.'
Life isn't fair.
And guess what?
I don't care.

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