JF (October 11,1990 / Miami, Florida)


I can only look down as I write this,
as the fire blinds my only sight,
letting this anger which I won't miss,
destroy the last bit of my might.

As I came for you with arms open,
with my very heart at your grasp,
yet you slowly walk by me again,
therefore another heart you clasp.

Left me on my knees all night,
hoping that you would come this way,
but as the leaves continued to sway,
I noticed that this wasn't my fight.

Losing you to this darkness around,
having lost you my very surroundings,
to some other which you haven't found,
so far away from these heavenly dwellings.

Left to hate you, from the love I had,
as this friendship has only left me mad.
As you were the only thing I ever wanted,
and after you left I have never felt so taunted.

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Comments (2)

i miss reading such great pieces from you. this is strong and powerful. it captures the reader in so many ways. your an amazing writer.
once again, you astonish my mind and create beautiful, powerful, and emotional pieces that leaves my mind experiencing the pain that you had felt. bravo, of course. :)