Betrayal At The Worst Of Times Needs No Remorse!

Poem By Rajendran Muthiah

A flock of sparrows were twittering
in the branches of the Neem trees.
The cold breeze from the rain-fed tank
was rustling the leaves, embracing
and solacing my body bereft of sleep.
The waves from the watery expanse,
dashing and breaking on the bank
were making regular clapping sounds.
The green paddy crops in the vast stretch of fields
were waving and dancing in the blowing wind.
The bees were straining droning sounds
and the butterflies were sailing over me.
The flowers of wild plants on the slopes of the bank
were flaming in the hot summer.
I was lying on the bank in the shades of the trees,
with my mind roaming around her
and my eyes staring at the sky above.
For betraying me at the worst of times,
she conveyed to me her words of regret,
and wanted to see me once,
to weep out her sinking grief.
But I didn't get a chance to look at that rueful face
and from my heart I couldn't also erase it out.

Comments about Betrayal At The Worst Of Times Needs No Remorse!

Nature is beautiful.So is this poem.Nature is majestic it conquers all.This poem too is majestic it conquers the hearts of those who appreciate true poetry.Nature is destructive.So is love at the worst of times

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