KW (20/04/96 / America, Sandiago, California BUT i live in scotland)

Betrayal By Bestfriends X

So here we are back at sqaure one, back to life, back on earth, out of space,
you riped my heart with a smile on your face with a tear in my eye i didnt finsh
the race, she twisted your heart and poisined your mind.Betrayal beat friendship,
tried yo unwind, just love him then leave him, cuts so deep they ingrave in your brain, up
all night you cannot sleep, Bleed in hell you fucking slut hope it hurts.Guilt had woke you up
from you twisted dreams.I found out all of your evil sceems.Blood was ment to be
thicker than water ha you proved me wrong.

As blood sisters we should of stuck together, your times ticking, happyness is fadeing, your luck has ran out.
In your heart was lust for him, In your heart was love for him,
you never let him go and now you crushed his hope hes just dust.
I was out of sight out of mind you set your date, but to escape my deadly fate i tryed to love instead of hate.Now to be faced, now to regrain
I cannot make that dreeded wait.You theif, You coward you stole my heart.Now my life is dead.Seeing you makes me
weak, seeing her makes me dreak, but seeing love inside my heart is now impossible for me.I will finsh this race and win this fight, i will go out with my head
helled high, with my pride and my hope, and i will be strong and i will cope because i know his heart isnt breaking like mine.Every time you leave
me something in my heart dies inside!

Now am done of trying to please you both it got me no where apart from sufferring a brokenheart, taking it
all is over keeping my mouth shut wasnt fun now you will pay and see what you have done,
give me some guidence to see where i stand, or if i even stand at all.
With your hand round my neck and one fist to my face,
fear has finally been overcomed.I wont stand close i will, wont stand near far away as i can be.Loveing and loseing, twisting
and smosing your daily drugs for your life has my heart thug.Sudicide, Pills and poilce.Hills, cars and ropes, family, friends and betrayal, unLoveed and he copes.
To see what you have took from me to see what it has done to me now instead of crying or thoughts of dyinging now you can ruin someone elses life cause am done with you and we will see who is all alone
shall we?

Made By My Dear Friend, Becca Harris

she has been going through alot as yhoo can see through the poem she made... it's about her and her friend fighting over the same guy, i wanted to post this because i wanted to see how the whole world would react to it.
please write comments below... soo..., what would yhoo do if yhoo were in her situation? ? x

Remember! ! - Love Is Blind Until You Find Out How To Open Up Your Eyes x

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