Betrayal To Accept

Sold to sell.
And marketed well.
Can be an unfortunate path to follow.
When deception becomes the exception.
Allowed and obeyed.

A betrayal to accept.
As the next step gone undetected.
Fades and continually depreciates,
A quality of life sliding into an abyss.
Splitting humanity apart.
In darkened divisions.
With participating families and friends.
Told to them comes a wealth of benefits.
Than the bright light of enlightenment.
Those blinded are left deluded.
In unending fantasies.

Kept perceptions bought to buy,
Only feeds a feasting and a willingness.
To try the taste of genocide.
Done to do with a nibble to permit.
Until the perception of it,
Becomes a commitment.
And an honor to receive.
As it is witnessed bestowed,
On those who are chosen.
Seen on TV.
Being paid what is left,
For them they never felt or see to get.
But given.
After a perception,
To accept a betrayal has been perfected.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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