I bit into my own fruit, betrayed my own eyes
Fell short of perfection, became the epitome of lies
Swam through an ocean, parted at the seam
Actually I walked along a dry path; the other side bore a land of green
Traces of old letters that he swore he’d never seen
Told him I thought he loved me
He said it was easy to make my kind believe
Unraveling the ball of a deep rooted lie
Commissioning strength
Portraying a heart bled dry
Fixated on a future that might pass me by
Searching through the past,
Looking for moments to define
Forgot how I wanted this revenge, maybe more than my life
Avenge all those who thought I couldn’t survive
Started a revolution for those who over came
But, we all fell in too deep, like struggling through quick sand
Became the source of our own doom,
Lost face of who we wanted to become
The sickly stench of deceit mixed with fantasy
I suppose nothing more than simple hope
But, biting my own apple eased me into memorized motion,
Memorized line,
As if I had lived this life before at some god forsaken time;
I knew my roll off hand,
Issued myself a warning, broke the silence with a scream
But, I guess I was just betraying me

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