MH (7/19/1992 / )


Do you see the pain in her eyes?
Does any of that matter anymore?
You have betrayed her.
She only wanted your honesty

That was all she was looking for,
That’s all that made her angry.
That you had the guts to go behind her back,
And shove what you have in her face,

She’ll shove what you’ll lose down your throat.
You’ll eventually see the bad side of his heart.
Be careful girl, it can get ugly.
And nothing you do can stop you from getting hurt
(just like she did)

You’ll get used by him
The way he used her
Show no mercy,
Cause he’ll show no heart.

He’ll show no comfort because his eyes don’t lie.
You may see love in his eyes now,
But they’re filled with lust.
He’s filled with lust screaming to get out.

Listen to this girl talking to you.
She knows what she’s saying.
She’s dealt with this before.
She’s believed his lies, like you do now.

by Maura Hunt

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