SR (22-07-1987 / Rawalpindi)


Promises of freedom, of a life u can never imagine.
Promises of light, that of wisdom, those of freedom to create.
U will be heard
And the dying words of a genius weaved a tale of gold, of a castle of silver
Of a legacy long lost
Of a false display of trophies
Of a rotten core
Of an ego fed on the blood of only the best
A beautiful hell burning with the souls of those who cared and really cared.
Punished well for standing up, for speaking.
Cursed to fire and confinement
The memories, though, are still fabulous.
Sweet and nourishing, full and complete.
But today is not about forgiveness.
It’s about revenge
It’s about having the right to have the last say.
Today is about quitting
I forgive u for my pain,
My soul, my heart, even my blood.
Bt want revenge for all the damn evil reasons inside me.
Just to cause pain
To see u bleed half to death.
While I laugh
And then make u live again, just or the fun of it.
I shall have the last say.

by Sab Rahman

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hi's a fantastic write...........keep it up
i've already read it mayn... you wrote what you tried to write... great! keep it going kid!
oh....itz it