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Betrayed Friend
AT (19950505 / South Africa)

Betrayed Friend

Poem By Abednico Tshegofatso

My dear friend...
How can you be so hurtless?
I invested all my trust in you
Yet you betrayed me

In you i had found a brother,
An inspiration one could ever ask for...

But now i cross the whole night with anticipation so as to avoid the ugly imaginations that haunt my sleep

All night long i think of what you led me into, should i had atleast took my time to decide on what to do,
maybe things should have turned out to be the other way round

How could you really do such a thing?
Huh? as of now i stand before my image with shame, only because of a moment thing yes of course it was fun and indeed a joyful time

But should you atleast had warned me about the consequences, maybe i too could have played it safe but now it matters not.

At this moment in time.
even my very own shadow has turned against,
my body reacts not to the usual stimuli.
You lied to my face and said only two can play this game..

Shameless as i am, i stand alone to face all the pains of bearing something that grows within me..
Only if i could turn back the hands of time..

How do i then explain my innocence to all those who taught i was guided the laws.
Which they brought me to this far with

My dear friend..

My tears have dried off
Because of what you brought in to life.
How do i tell if, that it's safe to trust again

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