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Betrayl 1
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Betrayl 1

I thought he was nice
I thought i was right
To believe every word he said to me that night
Little did i know the thoughts in his mind

Little did i know his betrayl in sight
He appeared concerned for my plight
And used my pain to finance his delight
Betrayed me Betrayed my trust

And he and I so close we were family
That didn't stop his actions nor my pain
From that night on I was never the same
I didn't tell a soul and neither did he

But I was secretly ashamed of me
I never saw his betrayl and went along with it
I believed every word so maybe it's my fault
But that still did not stop his betrayl

And that was just the first time
Needless to sat it happened again

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Pain* lol not paint, silly me
This poem totally hit home for me. I was shot with every word, true as true could be. I'm 15 and I've been through more paint then I thought possible. I loved him, he pretended to love me. He hurt me so much that I'm forever broken. We met online, never face to face. It made it easy for him to do that to me. He lied about who he was, then i forgave him. And he lied again. The police were called and now he's in jail, possibly for twelve years. It's crazy, it got way way out of control. It's in the media now... more people know... It's a huge story. And i'm just so hurt...I'm broken and forever healing.. this poem made me cry. It was like bullets of OMG that's exactly right! , exactly how I feel so sad....: (
Most unfortunate! That is a part of life!