LT ( / Santa Maria, California)


Not worth this name I call myself by daily
Only worthy of the label I've been given
and though it's by your name
I pledge myself by
what fellowship
can light and darkness have?
I pledge and stand
-or plege and fall.
Fall flat on my face as you wash my feet
and offer your disrobing while you offer
your clothes and life for betrayal
such sweet sacrifice.
But not for this half-hearted lover
not for this hate
ever replacing perfect purity.
No. Oh God. Not for me.

Don't let this chalice come to pass.
Not on behalf of your
I'm not worth it all
cause when I pledge to stand
I pledge to fall
and fall.
and fall.


say hello to an imperfect bride
made perfect only on her wedding night
and I've nowhere left to run and hide.
Take me, imperfectly perfect
and change me.
I surrender and I fall.

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Excellent! Very engaging and amazing message!