When I saw the lost in her eyes; the thoughts were just running around.
Did know how 2 act, didnt know what 2 say; just hiding in myself.

I wish the day would go back and see the time i had.
the time was so dear i took all granted? shall i see myself 2 blam?
for the time I had and it sliped away from me?

Shall I be the blam?

Shall i forget about the day I lost him, without saying good bye.
without saying thank you.

Will he ever know how much i loved him? will he know that i was just a kid?
will he know?
about the person im today? would he be happy? or disaponted in me?

I shall never know.

I know this he loved me.

shall was i.

ill try 2 be the best in his eyes.ill try.
but i hope one day he will know how much i really loved him.
I stay up with my though of dearment, tryin 2 forget about the men that as helped me all my life.

if shall forget, ill forget the moral he had tought me.

I shall always remeber that day that i took it for granted.
i shall never.

I want 2 c him just 2 say thank you for all i did.
sorry for the time i wasted.

just hope he could see the person i am today.shall never know.

but i still remember

by rina goldstein

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What a wonderful homage to Bette Davis. I love her too. She could play any and every role. From the most sentimential to the most dramatic. And her ability to show CHANGE in a character! The woman she played in NOW VOYAGER goes from being an oppressed whimp to a woman of grace and poise. Her closing words to Paul Henreid, Why should we settle for the moon when we have the stars. WOW! Thanks for bringing back these memories.
An excellent tribute Sandra. Wonderful and beautiful. :)